Charles Brewer was born and raised in Santa Barbara.  Charles and his wife are raising their two daughters in the Santa Barbara tradition of “living in paradise”.  Growing up in this area Charles learned to surf at an early age and has been enjoying the natural beauty of Santa Barbara his whole life.    

Charles is truly a real estate professional with over 15 years of experience.  He is not only a Realtor for Cal Coast Realty but he also serves as Vice President for both Mortgage Funding and CalLoan Corp.  These companies operate as direct private lenders, residential finance brokers, real estate investors, and real estate sales professionals. 

His diverse background benefits his clients.  He has managed residential development projects from concept to final sale, represented both buyers and sellers in residential sales transactions, and facilitated the financing of residential properties.  His experience, negotiation skills, and local knowledge means he knows how to get deals done!

Charles Brewer, Vice President, Realtor



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